wildhorseministries1Paul Daily is the founder of Wild Horse Ministries. Because of the training techniques he utilizes, he is sometimes called a "horse whisperer." Paul has loved and worked with horses all his life. Early in 1997 Paul was in the round pen working with a horse, when the Lord inspired or called him to take the lessons the horse was learning in the round pen and relate them to man's life lessons with Jesus Christ. Thus was born Wild Horse Ministries.

During the first three years, demonstrations were given before almost 15,000 people in Louisiana and Texas. This non-denominational ministry was taken to churches, fairs, prisons and "anywhere they were invited". In May of 2000 Paul became a full-time horse trainer for the Lord.

Paul does not "break horses", he "gentles" them, with words and pats, until they let him bridle, saddle and ride them - all within two hours. Occasionally, Paul can get the horse to totally submit by lying down. Paul says the Lord has given him this ability and is using him to reach people who shy away from organized religion and church. As the horse submits to Paul's ministrations, people submit to God's. "We have witnessed individual lives being changed because of their willingness to submit to Jesus Christ," says Paul.

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